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Other fanbases should copy weird Boston Celtics Twitter

The weird part of Boston Celtics Twitter is a lot of fun, and more teams should develop these subsets.

The Boston Celtics re-signed restricted free agent Marcus Smart to a four-year, $52 million deal on Thursday. Normally that would be a relatively innocuous thing. Smart is a good player but he’s no star, and there wasn’t much of a market for him outside of Boston. Good deal, let’s move on.

To certain parts of Celtics Twitter, Thursday was a momentous celebration. Smart is somewhat of an icon to Weird Celtics Twitter, a subset of the overall Celtics Twitter that is, well, weird. They really enjoy memes, and in addition to Smart seem to have keen interest in Guerschon Yabusele and Semi Ojeleye, especially the latter’s, uh, wagon.

Smart’s fearlessness and general passion for destroying any players and teams in his path make him an obvious favorite for any fanbase, but Weird Celtics Twitter really, really loves their backup point guard. Here’s a collection of Smart memes shared all over Twitter to celebrate his signing:

There’s no reason other teams can’t have this much fun. The Celtics are better than most teams, sure, but why can’t there be a cult hero or two on most NBA teams that gets this kind of dedicated adoration? Instead of constantly complaining about your team not getting enough draft picks or whatever, find a weird or interesting player and just latch on.

An example: I came up covering the Milwaukee Bucks. Giannis Antetokounmpo is Milwaukee’s best player, and he’s probably their weirdest too. Bucks Twitter definitely does not have enough Giannis memes on a regular basis, especially considering his recent Instagram Live activity. Make it happen, Bucks Twitter. Get weird.

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