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Isaiah Thomas on the Celtics: ‘It will always be love’

Celtics forward Al Horford still can’t believe the Celtics traded Isaiah Thomas.

“It was something that, still to this day, it surprises me,” Horford recently told The Denver Post. “When you look at it from a business standpoint, you understand everything. That’s it. That’s the reality we live in.”

It’s been over a year since Thomas was traded to Cleveland, where he played until February before going to the Lakers and then the Denver Nuggets, but former teammates, Celtics head coach Brad Stevens, and Thomas still share similar feelings about their time together.

“That was a really hard time because there was never a thought that we would possibly have traded him, and then Kyrie became available,” Stevens told the media prior to Monday night’s game. “It was a super unique situation. That was a tough one in all the households in Boston — certainly the Stevens household as well. That’s because he did so much in Boston, because he was so well-liked, and how much he poured his heart into the game of basketball. This guy works as hard and is as dedicated as anybody I’ve ever been around. That’s why we all are smarter than to bet against him because when he gets back out on that court, he’s gonna make a heck of a difference.”

Thomas underwent season-ending hip surgery earlier this year, ending his 17-game stint with the Los Angeles Lakers.

He didn’t play Monday night when the Nuggets beat the Celtics, 115-107, but he showed some love for his former team on Twitter.

“IT is one of a kind,” Stevens said. “And for all of us that have been with him and spent time with him, we are hopeful that this time when he comes back, he feels great and is ready to roll. There’s no question that his impact on an organization and a team is hard to match. He meant so much to me, the way that he kind of captivated Boston and the years that he had there, it’s amazing. He’s an amazing guy.”


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