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Danny Ainge plans to be patient with Celtics despite struggles

The 2018-19 NBA season hasn’t started out as the Boston Celtics had hoped, or imagined, but it’s not time to panic, according to general manager Danny Ainge. 

“I’ve been through this many, many years, and I’m not impatient,” Ainge said, via the Boston Herald. “I feel like obviously I know the frustrations our players have felt and the ups and downs that we’ve had through this season so far. But I think that we all know we should be doing more and doing better and are capable of it.”

The Celtics have started the season with an underwhelming 10-10 record, and although Ainge is always open to make a deal to improve the team, he plans to remain patient. 

“You know me. I’m always open to doing something,” Ainge said of potential trades. “But that doesn’t mean I think we have to go and get something done right now. And it’s not that simple anyway.

“But patience wins out more often than not — more than panic. It has to. I know panic is a bad way to react, so I will remain patient and allow our players to find their form. With some teams, it takes time, and some teams get it quicker. But I like a lot of things I see in our team this season, and I’m not going to be impatient.” 

At the end of the day, Ainge thinks that the players already on the roster can be better. 

“Look, I’m always looking to improve our team, but every one of our players is capable of playing better than they’ve played.”

Celtics guard Kyrie Irving recently said that it wasn’t time for the team to push the panic button, but that they didn’t have any more time to wait in order to get going. 

“We just can’t wait anymore, honestly,” Irving said last week, via Bleacher Report. “From myself, everybody else as a collective, to our coaching staff, we just don’t have time to really be waiting to kind of see if guys are going to give that extra effort. Including myself, it’s just an accountability standpoint that we all have to have.

“It’s not that I’m pushing the panic button or anything like that, I just think that there’s no more time to wait for games to start off and then go down in a hole where even our home crowd has been antsy and guys are pressing and stuff like that. It’s a long game but I think there are some controllable things in the beginning of the game that we can fix.”

The Celtics still have time to right the ship this season, but if Ainge indeed practices the patience he is preaching, that improvement is going to have to come internally. 

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