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Celtics voice Sean Grande and morning show host Dana Jacobson are engaged

Sean Grande, the longtime radio play-by-play announcer for the Boston Celtics, recently proposed to Dana Jacobson, a CBS morning show host and former ESPN anchor.

She said yes.

Charles Barkley said it was about time.

Jacobson, who is a co-host of CBS This Morning Saturday and an anchor for several of the network’s news and sports programs, confirmed the news of their engagement during an appearance on a weekday edition of CBS This Morning earlier this month after host Gayle King pointed out her ring.

“He’s my best friend and my biggest champion,” Jacobson, 46, wrote on Instagram the following day. “Amazing how one lunch can forever change your life for the better.”

Grande, 46, joked on Twitter at the time that they’d been “outed” by King. But then another, quite different TV personality was made aware of the proposal.

After Grande tweeted at the NBA on TNT account Thursday night, Barkley gave the newly engaged couple a shoutout on Inside the NBA. 

“He finally got on his knee,” Barkley said, congratulating the couple during the broadcast.

“About time,” the Hall of Famer added. “Girl was going to grow old waiting on him.”

In fairness, Grande says he and Jacobson have been together for about two and a half years, though they had known each other for some time. They first met around 2010, when Jacobson was the host of the ESPN talk show First Take, and “pseudo-worked together” at both CBS and what was then Spike TV in 2014 and 2015.

More recently, Grande had been under a bit of light-hearted pressure to propose — and not only from Barkley.

“The order of people harassing me to propose would be my son, her mother, Charles, and Rick Mahorn,” he told on Friday.

Grande noted that he’ll get to see Mahorn on Saturday with the Celtics visiting the Detroit Pistons (the former “Bad Boys” power forward now does radio for the Pistons). He said the subject of him proposing had become “a running gag the last year or two” every time he saw Barkley or Mahorn.

“Charles and Rick are two of the most intimidating figures in recent NBA history, but compared to her mother, I mean, it was nothing I couldn’t handle,” Grande said.

Still, Jacobson joked Thursday night that Barkley and Mahorn should keep up the pressure.

“We aren’t down the aisle yet,” she tweeted.


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