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Celtics’ Jaylen Brown says he’ll win five rings by the age of 28

To say that Jaylen Brown is one of the most confident players on the Boston Celtics roster might be an understatement given his most recent comments to the media concerning what he believes his career arch will look like by the time he enters his prime years.

During a recent interview with Taylor Rooks of Turner Sports and Bleacher Report, the former California Golden Bears standout made it clear that he has plenty of confidence in his own abilities before taking things to the next level by predicting that he will have five NBA championship rings to his name by the time he is 28 years old.

Given the fact that Brown just turned 22 years old in late October, the Celtics star is quite confident in the fact that he and his Boston teammates will be the NBA’s next dynasty taking over that title from the Golden State Warriors who are currently looking to run off their fourth title over the course of the last five seasons.

In fact, just over a week ago, Brown was quoted following a Celtics game that he and his teammates are trying to emulate what the Warriors do on the floor in order to achieve a similar level of success in the Eastern Conference and, ultimately, on the game’s biggest stage in the NBA Finals.

We’ll find out soon enough whether or not Brown and his teammates are capable of getting there but there is little doubt that Jaylen believes it will come to fruition given the lofty expectations he has set for himself.

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