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Boston Celtics’ Marcus Morris ‘has love for Detroit’ because they traded him to Boston

DETROIT — Boston Celtics forward Marcus Morris has a somewhat public running feud with the Phoenix Suns.

The beef began when the Suns drafted his brother Markieff and then acquired Marcus via a trade with the Houston Rockets. The Morris twins agreed to a strange combined, discounted deal which saved Phoenix some money, but Marcus was then traded to the Detroit Pistons.

Splitting the brothers up did not go over well.

“For them to trade me without consent or telling or anything like that was kind of like a, I would say slap in the face, because of the contract I took from those guys and the money I took from them,” Morris said in 2015. “That was kind of a slap in the face.”

But Morris’ animosity doesn’t extend to the team that acquired him in 2015. After all, the Pistons gave him an opportunity he wouldn’t have otherwise had when they dealt him to the Celtics in exchange for Avery Bradley last summer. Morris, who had only been to the playoffs once previously, suddenly found himself on a team with championship potential.

On Saturday, after the Celtics routed the Pistons, Morris was asked if beating this team held any special significance for him.

“You know, I got a lot of love for Detroit, so I don’t really look at it like that,” Morris said. “We’re not gonna talk about Phoenix, but (Detroit) did me justice by sending me to Boston, to a great team, great organization, a chance to really showcase my abilities on a national stage.”

That national stage could really matter for Morris: The Celtics are expected to play deep into the postseason, and Morris is due a new contract at the end of this season. A good year could increase his pay significantly.

Morris has talked repeatedly about how much he enjoys playing in Boston, and Celtics fans have embraced him. In a lot of ways, Detroit did Morris a favor.

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