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Boston Celtics’ Kyrie Irving appreciates being connected to ‘an incredible, incredible culture’

BOSTON — Boston Celtics star Kyrie Irving’s media tour assuring Celtics fans he plans to re-sign over the summer continued Thursday morning, when The Athletic and Stadium’s Shams Charania released a 1-on-1 with Irving in which the guard once again praised Boston’s culture.

Irving told Celtics fans at a season-ticket holder event in September he plans to re-sign, but he has requested reporters not ask about contract details so the Celtics don’t get in trouble with the league.

He told Charania that Boston’s culture was a selling point.

Here’s the full interview.

“It was pretty easy man, honestly,” Irving said. “… At the end of the day, I started kind of honing in on what meant the most to me, and that was having a future here in Boston, that was having great teammates, that was having a great training staff, that was having a great coaching staff, that was having great upper management.”

But perhaps most interesting: Irving wants to be a part of Boston’s legacy. Playing for teams with plenty of historical significance seems to mean a lot to him.

“Most importantly, it’s being connected to an incredible, incredible culture that has existed way before me and will exist after me and I wanted to be a part of that,” Irving said. “It was the same conversation that I had with my dad when I went to Duke, same conversation I had when I was a St. Patrick Celtic. It’s the next challenge in my career and I need to handle it face on.”

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