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Boston Celtics’ Danny Ainge won’t make panic trade: ‘I’m not going to be impatient’ (report)

Boston Celtics general manager Danny Ainge isn’t planning to make a panic trade, despite the team’s recent struggles.

Ainge, speaking to the Boston Herald’s Steve Bulpett, said he’s always willing to make a move, but simply deciding to make that move isn’t a simple process.

“Patience wins out more often than not, more than panic,” Ainge told Bulpett. “It has to. I know panic is a bad way to react, so I will remain patient and allow our players to find their form. With some teams, it takes time, and some teams get it quicker. But I like a lot of things I see in our team this season, and I’m not going to be impatient.

“Look, I’m always looking to improve our team, but every one of our players is capable of playing better than they’ve played.”

That lines up with everything we’ve seen so far from the Celtics. The team has all the talent in the world and hasn’t been able to put it together yet 20 games into the season. There are signs here and there that the team could break through eventually, but nothing concrete that has resulted in consistent wins.

Also, to Ainge’s point: Trading players now would be giving them up at the lowest value of their career. Jaylen Brown has been in a massive slump to start the season. Rozier has struggled to adjust coming off the bench. 

At this point, the only reasonable option is to let the Celtics take their lumps — there have been a lot of lumps — and hope they play through it.

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