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Boston Celtics

Boston Celtics bench will be most competitive in NBA

Competition will give the Boston Celtics the best bench in the NBA

The Boston Celtics finally have their roster set by bringing back Marcus Smart, which further reinforces what should be the most competitive bench in the NBA. No one else has that much talent and adversity, and all these players are hungry to prove a lot.

They all know there is too much competition for everyone to get minutes, and that will push each of them every moment they are on the court. You have players looking ahead to further contracts, knowing if they struggle it will cost them a lot of money.

You also have players who know this will be their best chance to win, and maybe the only real opportunity they will have to contribute to something special.

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These players will always work together, but you know everyone one of them will be looking to prove they will be able to do more than anyone else. They will always be using each other to contribute in more ways, because the easiest way to lose a role is by being too one dimensional.

The Celtics want to two players with versatility, and players who will not be a liability in any way. The margin of error on the Celtics bench is smaller than anywhere else in the NBA and that should bring the best out of everyone.

The Raptors give the Celtics some good competition in the East, but it is still depleted. The Celtics will be able to look at competition among themselves before competition from their opponent and that is how they will be pushed to their best.

The best part is that Brad Stevens has always loved deep rotations. He is going to find so many different ways to use so many different players, and will make sure to go to the options that he can trust.

The moment any of these options lose any kind of trust, especially on defense, they will suffer. These second unit players know how difficult it will be to separate themselves from so many options, but this season could have a huge impact on a lot of career.

The Celtics are in a special situation, but still have a lot of things to figure out. This is the first season with this core fully in tact, and they need to make sue they get the very best from these second unit options. A good season this year could secure you a consistent spot on a team contending for championships for years.

Even if it does not get them that, it will lead to a huge pay day on the open market. These bench players have a lot to play for, and most of them are too talented to settle for a small role. It will be exciting seeing them battle, and that competition will make sure to get the very best out of them.


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