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7 times Boston professional athletes were each other’s biggest fans

Boston is known across the sports world for having some of the most diehard fans in the business: they stand by their teams through thick and thin and hardly let anyone forget where they’re from.

But the fans aren’t the only loyal ones: Boston’s four major league teams show each other a whole lot of love, too. With the Patriots on a win-streak, the Red Sox in the World Series, the Bruins building onto their season and the Celtics just starting up, there’s plenty to celebrate when it comes to Boston sports.

Here are seven examples of Boston’s pro athletes rooting for each other:

Chara cheers on the Sox

Bruins captain Zdeno Chara attended Game 1 of the American League Championship Series, in which the Red Sox fell to the Houston Astros 7-2. The Sox later bounced back to take the series in Game 5.

College friends are forever friends.

Patriots wide receiver Stephen Gilmore sang nothing but praise when he was asked about his former USC classmate Jackie Bradley Jr.’s performance in the ALCS.

Will the real No. 11 please stand up?

After Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman rocked a custom No. 11 Celtics jersey at the postgame press conference of his first regular season game, the owner of that number expressed interest in getting a custom jersey of his own.

“Hopefully, I’ll ask the Patriots if they can give me a No. 11 jersey with my name on the back, just like Edelman,” Kyrie Irving said.

His wish came true shortly after the Celtics’ home opener, which Edelman attended– the next day, he gifted Irving a custom No.11 Patriots jersey.

“I believe in David Price.”

Patriots linebacker Kyle Van Noy did some serious vetting for Red Sox pitcher David Price during the postseason, particularly when he was struggling against the Yankees in the ALDS.

A doubleheader for Boston

The New England Patriots wished the Red Sox luck ahead of the ALCS. Game 2 on Sunday at Fenway coincided with the Patriots hosting the Kansas City Chiefs at Gillette Stadium, so Julian Edelman, Rob Gronkowski, James White and a few other NFLers wished the Sox good luck in their postseason run.

“Sockies… we need you guys to do this. It’s gonna be very important for us as a city, as one… Let’s go.”

Tom Brady on rooting for Titletown, MA

The first thing Tom Brady was asked about at Friday’s press conference prior to their Chicago game?

“Did you stay up for the Red Sox game last night?”

Brady did not catch the game on Thursday night, but he did have a few sentimental words about what it’s like to be an athlete in Boston over the past two decades.

Just checking in

And sometimes it’s nice to just pop in and see what your friends are up to, right, New England Patriots?


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