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3 Biggest Questions to Emerge from Preseason.

The Boston Celtics finished 1-3 in the preseason, failing to look the like the team fans expected early on. The record resets with the opening game against the Philadelphia 76ers on October 16, but a few questions came up during the exhibition schedule. We try to answer three of those questions.

If the Boston Celtics get off to a good start in the regular season, the preseason will have been but a dream, drifting out of consciousness within moments of waking.

Boston coach Brad Stevens has every right to be upset with his team’s effort during the preseason, but it’s easy to understand how the player’s minds may have wandered away in a meaningless mandala game when they have such lofty aspirations.

Stevens will remind the Celtics that you can’t skip rungs on the ladder to success, and all the other coaching cliches and mislaid maxims that are also somehow stubbornly true. Boston will benefit from the smelling salts effect of fans full of passion at the TD Garden on Opening Night. It will sharpen their senses and give meaning to the moment.

Meanwhile, fans will be meandering through a million questions in their minds, sifting through preseason maya, searching for precious metals of understanding.

What did the 1-3 preseason mean? Why did the defense falter so often? Who Monstar’d the Celtics three-point shooting ability? How long until Gordon Hayward returns to his pre-injury form? Does it matter on a team with so much depth?

You come to Google with your questions–proceed through the portal for enlightened perception.

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