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Why Kevin Durant to Boston is not destiny

With Kevin Durant appearing to be not so happy with the Golden State Warriors, one former Boston Celtics player believes his path to Boston has been set.

Here we go again Boston Celtics fans.

With Kevin Durant set to become a free against again in 2019, the Celtics are beginning to be linked to him once again.

Let’s not forget a few summers ago when the team used the great Tom Brady in an attempt to woe Durant in the Hamptons.  Back then, of course, the team’s best players were Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder and Kelly Olynyk. So, not to say the team wouldn’t have a better chance this time around, but any interest between the two sides will only end in disappointment once again.

With Golden State still a frontrunner to re-sign Durant despite his current feud with teammate Draymond Green, the Los Angeles Lakers and New York Knicks have more to offer the nine-time All-Star than the Celtics would.  Then again, Durant did decide to take his talents to an already loaded Warriors team.  Why not choose a Celtics team that is already primed to challenge Golden State.

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Former Celtics player Glen “Big Baby” Davis seems to think the writing is on the wall.

On Wednesday, Davis caught the attention of Boston media with the following comment via Instagram:

“Guys think about it.  For real listen to what kd said earlier about Boston and (their) team and how they are a tough match for the warriors.  Plus who talks about money at this time during the season.  Then also uncle drew (Kyrie Irving) said 2 weeks ago saying I need a 15 year vet.  It’s coming together for sure now.  Especially seeing this fallout in the second half of that clippers game.  The warriors will handle business this year but kd leaving.  Cause believe it or not the lakers are coming and kd doesn’t want no part of Lebron when he’s full throttle.”

Some of what Davis said makes sense, but someone on the current Boston Celtics roster would have to be traded or take a major pay cut to sign Durant.  That’s even with Al Horford possibly being off the books following the season.  That means Danny Ainge would have two max contracts to work with.

One of those would go to Kyrie Irving, who said he plans on re-signing with the team.  The other could theoretically be used on Kevin Durant, but the team will have to eventually lock up either or both Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum.  But, knowing Danny Ainge, the Celtics will be in the conversation once free agency starts.

Why it could be destiny

The Boston Celtics were reported to be a finalist the last time Durant was a free agent.  He decided playing for the Warriors was better for his career back then.  Now?  The Celtics are certainly more enticing, but if they keep Kyrie Irving, the team would create a situation similar to what drove Irving out of Cleveland.

Boston would immediately become Durant’s team and Irving, like with LeBron James, would once again become second fiddle.  The only way it could work is if the signing of Durant leads to a deal for Anthony Davis.  For that to happen, the Boston Celtics would have to certainly trade either Jaylen Brown or Jayson Tatum, if not both.

With the possibility of four first-round picks, including a potential top 3 pick, Boston may just have the package to pull off a deal for Davis, while signing Kevin Durant.  One would have to happen before the other.  But that also puts in question what the team would do with Gordon Hayward.

Would Hayward rework his contract to make this all happen?  Possible.

Irving, Hayward, Durant, Davis and Tatum or Brown could be a dominate force for the next five seasons.  Even if it took both Tatum and Brown to get Davis, it would be a dream lineup.

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You see, Glen Davis has us talking, dreaming and speculating again.  But, the reality of it happening doesn’t seem possible.  Would Danny Ainge basically mortgage the future of the team for a 30-year-old superstar?

He did with Kevin Garnett and if any GM could get away with it, it would be Ainge. It’s just that Boston Celtics fans don’t need another heartbreak when it comes to Kevin Durant.  However, this time, the destiny of the team’s future would not depend on his decision.

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