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Things aren’t looking good for Terry Rozier

Terry Rozier wants to start and that means it is unlikely that he stays with the Boston Celtics.

If you were hoping that Terry Rozier was going to stay with the Boston Celtics I have some bad news for you. It looks more and more like Rozier will be leaving Boston at the end of the season.

Rozier was recently on Rick Pitino’s podcast and said that he wants to be a starter. Obviously, if Rozier wants to be in Boston he knows he won’t be a starter. That spot will belong to Kyrie Irving most likely for Rozier’s entire career.

I don’t know how well the market will treat Rozier. After an amazing postseason last year, Rozier has struggled mightily this season. He is only averaging 8.2 points, 3.9 rebounds, and 2 assists. If Rozier wants to be a starter he will have to improve.

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Rozier was able to take over games in the postseason. He took over Kyrie Irving’s spot and did well. He almost helped the C’s get to the Finals.

This season Rozier has struggled to get his shot going. There’s sometimes when you are begging Rozier not to shoot. He has to try and move the ball more and help other guys score.

What matters most?

The only thing that can keep Rozier in Boston is his will to win. Rozier will be able to get a starting opportunity somewhere else. He will probably get paid a decent penny as well.

But if Rozier goes to a different team they will be far less talented than Boston. Rozier would have to produce at a much higher rate. After watching him this season, I think Rozier may be best suited on the bench.

If Terry Rozier wants to win he will stay in Boston. Once they figure things out they will dominate the Eastern Conference. Now is the hard part, Celtics fans have to wait for Boston to sort things out.

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So wherever Terry Rozier ends up will show what he values most. Does Rozier want to win or does he want to start?


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