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NBA trade news: Lakers SNUB Bradley Beal, these TWO teams likely to make move | Other | Sport

That’s according to a report from Bleacher Report, who reference one rival NBA executive who states the San Antonio Spurs and the Minnesota Timberwolves would “be interested in discussing a trade for Beal”.

The Washington Wizards have had a tumultuous start to the season, culminating in a flare-up between players and coaching staff earlier this month.

John Wall was alleged to have shouted “f*** you” at Scott Brooks while Beal reportedly said: “I’ve been dealing with this s–t for seven years. It starts top-down.”

Reports then emerged soon after that the Wizards have made both Beal and Wall available in potential trade talks.

The Lakers were among teams said to be interested in a possible move for Beal due to their ability to put together an attractive offer.

However, Bleacher Report omit the Lakers from teams considering a trade for the 25-year-old.

It is said the Timberwolves would look at making a move with Beal seen as a perfect replacement for Jimmy Butler.

And the Spurs are said to be interested as they want to add a “three-point shooting threat”.

The report also points to San Antonio’s recent struggles, which has seen them drop to 12th in the Western Conference, as another reason Gregg Popovich and R.C Buford may look to trade for Beal.

The Boston Celtics are another team who could viably put together a trade package that would interest Washington.

And former NBA star Jalen Rose believes the Celtics should consider using Kyrie Irving in any trade talks to see what they can get.

“I’m suggesting that in the dynamic of this team and the way it is built nobody can be untouchable for me except Tatum,” Rose said on Jalen & Jacoby.

“If I have to parlay one or two of my good young players and Kyrie Irving who is probably my number one asset into getting another perennial All-Star that allows me to still cultivate the style of play that I have.

“Rozier has shown he can be a starting point guard, you’ve already paid Marcus Smart and late in games guess what they’re doing, offence for defence substitutions.

“Guess what other top points guard in the league ain’t doing. Sitting on the bench because of substitution patterns.

“So you try to see what you can garner in return.”

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