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Boston Celtics

Marcus Morris Embodies What it Means to be a True Celtic

Marcus Morris has a competitive spirit that is contagious throughout the team. He has a level of toughness that resembles the greats of Celtics past.

Marcus Morris’s style of play has made fans of the Boston Celtics fall in love with him. Last season he was a huge spark off the bench who brought instant scoring and grit. Morris averaged nearly fourteen points a game along with five rebounds in 54 games for the green.

He proved to be a vital rotation player and someone who the Celtics can rely on when they need a bucket.

Marcus certainly brings a lot to the table skill wise, but its his attitude that makes him a great teammate. Growing up in Philadelphia, he always has possessed mental toughness and grit.

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“Mook” has no fear and backs down to no individual, he plays the game with an old school level of toughness. Throughout the season Morris got into multiple altercations, most notably with Ben Simmons and Tristan Thompson.

This fearless demeanor is reminiscent of the past Celtics legends. Larry Bird is well-known as arguably the greatest trash talker of all time. Obviously Bird talked trash more frequently and effectively, but there pit bull mentalities are similar.

Also, in some aspects he shares attributes of Kevin Garnett. Like KG, Morris has done a terrific job of being a mentor to the younger players on the roster. He has been a role model for Jayson Tatum and has answered any questions that the young man has asked.

Just like the all-time great Celtics, Marcus Morris is all about doing whatever it takes to win basketball games.,

Morris does not get enough credit for the huge impact that he had on the Celtics success this past season. He had a positive affect not only on the court but off it as well. Marcus Morris embodies what it means to be a Boston Celtic.

He has done everything in his power to help the Boston Celtics win games, and as a fan that is all you can ask for.


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