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Kyrie Irving provides clarity on injury

Kyrie Irving has revealed some new details about his knee injury

There have never been any real concerns about Kyrie Irving‘s injury. Everyone knew the procedure was inevitable, and he should be able to return even better than he was last year. Recently, however, Irving revealed that it could have been a much more difficult process.

Irving recently had this to say about a potential infection with his knee (Via Boston Globe):

It could have evolved to staph, but good thing we caught it early,” he said. “I am glad that it is done though, man. That was a long, long [expletive] two months

There was never going to be any structural damage for Irving, but he always wanted to be as cautious as possible with what he was dealing with. Irving was shut down last year because they knew this was inevitable, and it sounds like a great thing that they shut him down as early as they did.

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Irving avoided things getting a lot worse, and that is the most important thing to take away from this. The Celtics know that Irving is crucial to their long term plans, and having caution with him is already paying off.

The Celtics have always taken this approach, and now it puts them in a position to be at full strength when everything is coming together. Irving knows how important he is to this team, and the kind of standard he will have to play to this season.

Irving sounds like a player that is ready to be the healthiest he has been in a while when things get started. He may fall a little behind this offseason, but he will have no problem catching up. Irving will have all the time he needs to get as comfortable as possible.

Once that happens, and Irving is back to full strength, the Celtics will be able to show the league their true potential, especially since Hayward will be going on a similar process to get fully integrated.


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