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Kyrie Irving confident about return

Kyrie Irving is confident about his return to the Boston Celtics

Kyrie Irving scared a lot of people when he was shut down for a knee procedure last year. Hearing anything about knee issues is going to scare people. This surgery was inevitable for Irving, and they shut him down specifically because they wanted him to be at full strength for this season.

With the way Irving is talking now, it sounds like the plan worked perfectly. He has repeatedly said that he is going to be ready for training camp. The Celtics have things to figure out to fully integrate the full lineup, and Irving has to be a part of everything.

Irving is a part of everything the Celtics want to do, and transforms what their offense will look like. The more time the Celtics have with Irving at 100 percent the better off everyone will be.

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In fact, it is probably more important to have Irving at 100 percent than anyone else. The Celtics do not have another player who can come close to his impact. They have three wings they trust a lot, and some depth with their bigs.

Brad Stevens can find a way to get similar things from a lot of different options off  the bench at every other position. It will never be as effective if any starter is out, but Irving’s impact is the most unique, and they have to adapt their plans the most if he is not available.

Irving is excited for what could be the best season of his career now that the knee issues are gone, but he also understands the work that has to be put in with this team.

Irving is excited and ready to get things going and he can have a special impact this season. Irving knows how good he can be and how special this team can be. He needs to make sure he is working with everyone around him, and having him at full strength is the most important injury concern going into this season.

Fortunately, Irving’s confidence is enough for fans to rest easy, while getting excited about what he will be doing this season.


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