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Kevin Garnett Tells Hilarious Story About Playing Austin Rivers 1-On-1 | Boston Celtics

If you had to pick between Austin Rivers in high school versus Kevin Garnett of the Boston Celtics in a 1-on-1 game to five, who would you chose? Well, the obvious answer here is Garnett, but Rivers didn’t see it that way.

As one of the most hyped high school players in the country at the time, Rivers was oozing with confidence to the point where he thought he could take on The Big Ticket. And he didn’t even walk up to the former MVP and ask to play a game. He simply rolled a ball to Garnett’s feet and said “check.”


The 15-time All-Star, along with former Celtic Tony Allen, recounted the story when they visited the “Chris Vernon Show.”

You’ve got to give it to Rivers for having the guts to take on Garnett at such a young age, but we definitely wouldn’t recommend challenging the “dragon.”

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