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Gordon Hayward will surprise a lot of people

Gordon Hayward is in position to surprise a lot of people with the Boston Celtics

Any time a player misses a full season with a serious injury, there will always be doubters. Time and time again we see players get hurt, and then they never get back to full strength again in their career.

With the way Gordon Hayward is being looked at this season, there seems to be a lot more underrating than just suspicious of whether or not he can get back to 100 percent. Keep in mind, his injury was still quite clean, and everyone has anticipated a full recovery from the beginning.

On top of that, people seem to be forgetting how good he was in his final year with the Utah Jazz, while being in a phenomenal position to still have the best years of his career ahead of him.

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Hayward is in a position to be arguably the best player on the best team in the East, and the second best team in the league. People are out there wondering whether or not he is an all star are going to be in for a big surprise this season.

Hayward is truly elite in a lot of different ways, and Brad Stevens is going to make him one of the two most prominent players on the team. He has never been a truly prolific scorer, so you do not need to worry about those raw box score numbers with him.

What you can expect, is one of the most complete offensive weapons in the NBA that will have good matchups to take advantage, all the space in the world and a coach with a system that will continually put him in the best potion to succeed.

People seem to have forgot how good of a player Hayward is, because he can truly transform a franchise. When you take into account his position and versatility, and he could end up doing more for this Celtics team than anyone else, and that right there could make him an MVP candidate.

Hayward will be strong and useful on defense, switching around as much as any other wings. Hayward has been a part of great defenses in the past, and he is more than physically capable of being deadly with the Celtics who switch all the time.

No one really knows exactly what we should expect from Hayward, but the general sense could be in for a big surprise this season. Hayward is in position to leave a real mark on the league with the Celtics, and he is doing it right at the beginning of his prime.

He needs to make sure he establishes the trust that Stevens needs. With everything he has to offer, however, it is hard to imagine that taking very long, because Stevens will quickly see how many different ways he will be able to destroy a team and bring together what he wants to do on both ends.

Hayward is one of the biggest additions from last year to this season, but he is being treated as a secondary player. Hayward is not a secondary player for the Celtics. there may be some players around him that are more talented, but he is not far behind and will be a part of everything the Celtics want to do on both ends.


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