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Boston Celtics

Gordon Hayward Wants Celtics To Chant ‘Daddy’s Always Happy’

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The Boston Celtics have some of the most passionate fans in the NBA. Sure, Boston sports fans in general have a less-than-stellar reputation, but Celtics fans bring it every night, and when TD Garden is rocking, there aren’t many places in the league for opposing teams to try and pick up a win.

One hallmark of Celtics fans is their organization — they always seem to be chanting or clapping in unison, which is a fun sight to be hold when the Garden is sold out for a big game. The downside is that this video of Gordon Hayward trying to rally Celtics fans to do a rather odd chant for him exists.

Hayward was pursuing one of his off-court passions — streaming Fortnite — when he had an idea for a chant that he wants to hear out of the Celtic faithful.


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