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Denver Nuggets vs Boston Celtics: 3 takeaways from win

Denver Nuggets vs Boston Celtics: 3 takeaways.

Once you learn to ride a bike, or swim for that matter, you never forget. However, you can get rust or decline in efficiency. Nevertheless, you never really forget. That’s why any savvy NBA fan expected Klay Thompson to have an explosion. It’s also why we expected the Denver Nuggets 3 point shooting to improve. That most definitely included Jamal Murray and Gary Harris too.

Last night, Jamal Murray threw off his shooting woes and shot the lights out of the rim in a clutch performance against one of the best defensive teams in the NBA. Jamal Murray was 19-30 from the field and 5-11 from 3. Adding 4 assists and 5 rebounds to go along with a career best 48 points.

Denver Nuggets Did It From 3.

The difference in this game, was the 3 point shooting. Whilst the Denver Nuggets held the Boston Celtics to just 29% from 3. The Nuggets shot 38.2% from 3.

Meanwhile, both Boston and Denver got a similar amount of shots, scored at a similar rate, from the field in general. The Boston Celtics made 44 of 87 (50.6%) from the field. Whilst the Denver Nuggets made 41 of 90 (45.6%) from the field.

As with pretty much everything to do with Denver’s offense. The Nuggets’ 3 point shooting was led by Jamal Murray. However, Murray did get some help from 3 too with Hernangomez shooting 2-4, Trey Lyles making 3 of 7 and Millsap making 1 of 2.

Looking Ahead

With Jamal Murray back to being his usual self, this Nuggets team is significantly better than it already has been. Last night almost certainly marks Jamal Murray’s return to being the infamous Blue Arrow from 3 point range.

Furthermore, Jamal’s performance may spark a similar outburst from Gary Harris. The question is one of when, as opposed to if, for Gary Harris. Moreover, the experience gained by the entire Denver Nuggets roster and coaching staff from this game was invaluable. This victory is a game that Denver can learn a lot from. Ensuring a growth that hints at wonderful things for the Nuggets.

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The Nuggets are elite. The rest of the NBA has been warned.

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