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Celtics coach Brad Stevens a Red Sox believer

OKLAHOMA CITY – You’re most familiar with Brad Stevens the coach. But there was another side that came out at Thursday morning’s Celtic workout when the Red Sox were brought up.

And, yes, Stevens was watching that club take a 2-0 World Series lead after his own crew arrived in town.

“Yeah, it was great,” said Stevens the fan. “It was awesome. They just continue to have this unbelievable mentality.

“I haven’t watched every World Series for the past 50 years, but at the same time I can’t imagine any team looks like they’re having more fun than the Red Sox. And I think you can see that in their play, how together they are, how many smiles you see. Like, it’s just a fun team. And I hope they get it done in the next two games, but at the same time I know how hard that’s going to be, and you take it one pitch at a time.

“But, man, they are fun to watch.”

 The subject then shifted to Sox manager Alex Cora, who has hit on seemingly every move he’s made.

“He’s such a great guy and he’s so good with people that’s it’s not a shock,” said Stevens. “You’ve got a whole group you can clearly tell everybody’s on board. And the way that they’re supporting one another and the way that they’re going about their business is a blast.

“If you’re not from Boston and you’re just watching from afar [and] you’re looking for a team to root for, they’d be an easy one to pick because of the way they play and the way they pick up each other.”

Stevens had mentioned recently that he used with his own team the example of Brock Holt sitting out then hitting for the cycle in the division series against the Yankees.

Asked if he’s still using the Sox to instruct the Celts, he said, “You use examples every time you turn on the TV in every sport, every night, both good and bad. But they’ve had a lot of good ones.”

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