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Brad Stevens’ milestone, Aron Baynes the maniac, and 10 things we learned from Boston Celtics vs. Miami Heat

1. Brad Stevens got his 250th regular season win as a head coach

 We like round numbers, and 250 is a nice round one for Stevens, who sits in fifth all-time on the Boston Celtics regular season wins list, just ahead of Bill Fitch. He’ll catch KC Jones (308) and move into fourth sometime next season, but he’s still got a ways to go in combined wins. Jones has 65 playoff wins to Stevens’ 22, but Brad has only just entered into the “deep playoff run” portion of his career where he can start racking up those postseason victories. 

“Well, when you’re in coaching, you never think you’re going to get one and you’re always like, how do you possibly get the next one, so I haven’t even thought about it,” Stevens said about the milestone. “It’s an honor to coach here and to get a chance to coach in this league.”

“We wish there were more places like Boston that have great ownership, management, and stability.” said Heat coach Erik Spoelstra. “They know how tough this profession of coaching is. Then when you add in an extremely talented coach, like Brad [Stevens] there is a reason why they have banners and reasons why they have had success. You have to have continuity and consistency practically when times get tough. They have had tough times and they have been able to weather those and take the benefits. Brad is a tremendous coach and has been a great addition to the league bringing in a different background, a college background and has done a phenomenal job.”

“I think he’s done great, not just with this team but over the last five or six years just getting everything out of the groups that he’s had,” said Kyrie Irving. “He came in here on a rebuilding situation and really put his mark on the teams he had, and ended up playing him them three times in the playoffs. So it’s great to see the success he’s had. Super proud of him to get this 250th win.”

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