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Boston’s plan with rookie Robert Williams

Robert Williams hasn’t gotten his time off to a good start with the Boston Celtics. He missed his first meeting with the press as well as the flight to his first summer league practice, and he had an issue keeping a close eye on his wallet. All these could be concerned red flags, but the Celtics aren’t perturbed.

Boston knows Williams needs to be a bit more responsible, but they view this as a multi-year project that will include some growing pains.

Keith Smith of Real GM doesn’t expect Williams to play many meaningful minutes this year, and if Williams does, it means the Celtics have been dealt an abundance of injuries.

Williams’ strength right now is as a pick-and-roll piece and rim protector. Outside of those two talents, he is a very raw talent who is going to take a few years to develop into an NBA player. The Celtics could really use his talents right now, especially on defense. With how good the Celtics are, they can’t afford him to be such a liability everywhere else, which is why they’re taking their time.

As the Celtics continue to spend money they are going to need him to be good in a couple of years because of his cheap contract. Right now, they can continue to develop him into exactly the type of player they want him to be.


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