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Boston Celtics under more pressure from teammates than opponents

The Boston Celtic will be under more pressure rom their teammates than their opponents this season

One of the best parts of this Boston Celtics team is how much depth there is, and the competition that will create. With this core being fully together for the first time, a lot of roles are undefined, and it is still unclear who the primary options will be, and how much responsibility anyone will actually have.

That creates a tremendous amount of pressure on everyone. Especially with Brad Stevens, he will have all kinds of options to make sure he will always have an alternative when something does not work.

Things will be adapting all season long for the Celtics. Stevens will be discovering more things that he can do with each player and all that competition will allow him to see as much as possible from everyone.

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Everyone know that if they start to struggle, things will be changing. Even for someone like Kyrie Irving, there are ways he can fall behind this season. Irving is certainly in the best position to start, and should be the most prominent and prolific presence on offense.

That being said, Gordon Hayward is more than good enough to be a primary option, and Jayson Tatum is quickly going to become one of the most dominant offensive forces in the NBA.

At every level of the roster, every single player will have someone behind them looking to take on a larger role. The Celtics will always function as a unit, and Stevens will want to get something out of as many players as possible.

The reality, however, is that there just are not enough minutes right now. Multiple bench players are going to lose their role entirely, and when you have players like Marcus Smart and Terry Rozier coming off the bench, there is the danger for any starter to lose minutes.

There will also be the pressure to prove that you will need to be on the court for the most important minutes. The Celtics always love to have Smart out there when things get toughest, and that means at least one starter will have to sacrifice those potential minutes.

The key will be making sure they show Stevens as much versatility as possible, so they can be valuable in as many situations as possible. Stevens will have no problem going too more of a specialist off the bench in a particular situation.

For the starters to avoid that, they will need to show Stevens that they are better than any bench option in any situation. With the depth the Celtics have, that will be incredibly difficult.

The Celtics will have constant pressure put on them from their teammates, and that will make up for the pressure lacking in the Eastern Conference. Right now, there is little competition, and the Celtics will not have to be their best to beat any team except for maybe the Raptors.

The Celtics will not get the most out of all their players because their opponents will not push them as far as they can go. They will reach their peak because the team will be pushing each other, trying to make sure they can be a relevant player in as many situations as possible.

With the way the Celtics play, this also means never having to deal with hero ball. Any time a player becomes a ball stopper, and tries to do things on his own, Stevens will not tolerate it.

Part of the pressure will be making sure you can play alongside as many different players as possible. If one piece of a unit is not functioning properly with the others, Stevens will find another option.

Part of the pressure is what brings this Celtics core so close together, and allows them to function at such a high level. The Celtics have a special group of talent right now, and that will be the biggest source of pressure this season.


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