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Boston Celtics’ Terry Rozier: Cryptic tweet ‘wasn’t nothing on that … It’s all love’

BOSTON — Boston Celtics guard Terry Rozier knew the questions were coming.

“Is this the warm-up question right here?” Rozier said, grinning, when asked about the team’s somewhat unexpected practice on Tuesday. “(Practice) was great.”

Rozier made waves Tuesday morning when he tweeted a somewhat cryptic message: “Let’s do us ALL a favor.”

Rozier followed that up with a second tweet, apparently hoping to clarify, but the damage was done, and the internet ran with his initial message.

A few hours later, after the Celtics practice, a smiling Rozier discussed the situation.

“I wasn’t talking about y’all,” Rozier said to the gathered media. “I’ve got a life outside of basketball, so I knew that was a warmup question to get to that. I knew it was coming.”

Celtics fans have been on edge since back-to-back losses dropped the team back to 9-8, and Rozier’s tweet did little to assuage the concerns. It was just cryptic enough to say whatever a worried person could want it to say.

“I’ve got love for the fans,” Rozier said. “But it wasn’t nothing on that. We’re gonna look to come out and play better tomorrow and make sure everybody’s happy.”

Rozier knows that Celtics fans are prone to worrying and overthinking things.

“I mean, coming to a place like this, this type of organization with the die-hard fans, that’s what it is,” Rozier said. “That’s what you’ve got to accept. But at the end of the day we know the fans are going to ride for us. They’ve got our backs. And you’ve got some people that think their GMs, but that’s fine.”

Rozier played perhaps his best game of the season to date against the Charlotte Hornets, tallying eight points, four rebounds and four assists. He appeared to get a rhythm in the second quarter, which had been lacking in previous games as he moved back to the bench.

“We’ve still got so many more games left to figure it out,” Rozier said. “I feel like we’re still connecting and getting better playing with each other. We lost last night but there were still a lot of positives we took away from it. A lot of things were flowing. We just came up short, to a guy that’s very hot that’s been playing great this season. I think we’ll get it together. Like (Brad Stevens) said, we’re due for a lot of makes that’s coming up, so that’s gonna happen.”

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