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Boston Celtics still have to focus on development


Even with a roster ready to win, the Boston Celtics still need to focus on development

One of the most remarkable parts at this Boston Celtics rebuild is how set they are for the present and the future. They have assembled a team that is ready to win now, while having some of the best young talent in the NBA.

That puts them in a curious position because they need to make sure they are doing everything to win, while making sure their young talent continues to develop. These young players are still the priority of the future, meaning the Celtics cannot afford to ignore development for them.

Top to bottom, first and second unit, the Celtics have a lot of youth. They need to make sure these players grow as much as possible, and they need to figure out which of these young players will become good enough to be a part of for he future of the team.

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The Celtics will always keep the future in mind, no matter how good they are supposed to be now. The Celtics know their real cieling is with their young talent reaching their prime with the established players currently on the team.

Getting to that point means focusing a lot on development, even if it slows them down during the regular season to a certain extent. Good news is they have never had problems in the regular season, but focusing on development could end up costing them some wins at a point.

The Celtics are building a championship window that is more than just one year. They see how good this young talent can be, and they need to make sure they stay on the right track. And that could seem a bit off as they are trying to win a championship right now.

These young players are special, but they are not finished projects. They still have work to do, and know how important it is to make sure they become the best possible players. The Celtics want to be as special as possible, and that can only be achieved if these young players end up being as good as the franchise believes they can be right now.


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