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Boston Celtics

Boston Celtics scoring all about efficiency

The Boston Celtics need all their scorers to be as efficient as possible

The Boston Celtics are expected to have one of the truly elite offenses in the NBA next season. We have seen the kind of systems that Brad Stevens is able to put in place, bringing out the best overall ball movement, generating open looks for everyone.

Now, for the first time since the rebuild started, the Celtics have the finishers to actually take advantage of those opportunities, and make it impossible for any team to account for what they can do on that end.

The Celtics know they have a lot of players that can hit difficult shots. Kyrie Irving creates like no one else, Jayson Tatum is masterful at navigating through traffic and Jaylen Brown will overwhelm people physically when things break down. We still need to see what Gordon Hayward will be able to do, and there is Al Horford who always knows how to create in any situation.

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Keep in mind the Celtics have five players that could all shoot better than 40 percent from deep and 45 percent overall on the starting unit, and there may not be another team in the NBA who can match that kind of top to bottom efficiency.

The Celtics know they have the options that can create offense in even the worst situations. In order for them to be at their best, however, the Celtics need to avoid those situations as much as possible because of the remarkable efficiency they have.

Everything the Celtics do with their ball movement is about breaking down a defense in order to get a good look, and now they have players that will be trusted to hit those shots each and every time.

The Celtics want to see the most efficient versions of every single player. With so many scoring options, they do not need anyone to be particularity prolific. They do not want any player to be too ball dominant and absolutely no one can be forcing shots.

Even if the Celtics can showcase their immense talent more if they are hitting the kind of shots that no one else is capable of, that is not how their offense will be as dominant. The Celtics want to make sure everyone is in the most comfortable position possible, and then everyone will be able to score with ease and utterly demoralize any opponent.

Brad Stevens has always wanted to get as much as possible out of anyone on the court. They have a lot of reliability on offense, and they know that all around ball movement will make things quite easy for them on offense.

The Celtics know how balanced they can be, and Stevens will have a special plan for how this group is going to be able to attack. The standard for what the Celtics do on offense is quite different this season.

They need to be great across the board, generating as many goods looks as everyone and finishing as well as anyone. It will take time for everything to really come together, and for Stevens to figure out what the best situations are for all the players.

No matter what is going on, however, the Celtics need their scorers to be as efficient and effective as possible, making sure their overall offensive attack will be relentless, no matter who is on the court.

The Celtics never want to have to rely on any individual too much, and if they are getting efficient scoring from all their starters, they will always have players on the court to finish the shots that they will be generating.

With all the talent they have, there should not be a defense in the league that prevents the Celtics from finding an advantage on a regular basis. The same talent needs to make sure they prove that they can be as trusted as people are anticipating right now.


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