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Boston Celtics

Boston Celtics reveal preseason schedule

The Boston Celtics have released their preseason schedule

The first sign that the regular season will be starting soon is here, as the Boston Celtics have released their preseason schedule. This has been the most hyped Celtics team in a long time and, yes, there will even be anticipation to see them do something in the preseason.

The Celtics will begin with two games against the Hornets, followed by two games against the Cavaliers. The two middle games will be played at TD Garden, and they will be starting and finishing on the road.

There really is nothing you can read into preseason games, so this will all be about seeing some real game action for these players.

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You cannot expect the guys returning from injury to be put at risk in any way what so ever, but there will also be a lot to watch with the young players.

Keep in mind, the Celtics have a lot of things to figure out with young players, especially on the second unit. The preseason will be valuable to them, because Brad Stevens will take advantage of every single opportunity to evaluate something with this team.

The most important thing will always be making sure everyone stays healthy, and the Celtics can start the season with a full and healthy roster. The Celtics need a season where everyone stays on the court, and losing someone in the preseason would be far too devastating.

It will be fun just to get some games back, and see how much this roster has actually started to grow from their incredible playoff run last season. The Celtics are going to take time to really bring everything together, but watching every part of that process is going to be fun this season.

It may be one of the most insignificant parts of that process, but there is still something to gain from preseason, and it is exciting to see that it is not too far away.


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