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Boston Celtics news: Kyrie Irving to New York Knicks is ‘a real thing’ | Other | Sport

Colin Cowherd, host of Fox Sports’ The Herd, doubled down on claims the 26-year-old is said to be considering his future in Boston after a report hinted Irving had not yet made up his mind.

New York Times writer Marc Stein said: “There have been no firm indications from Irving or his camp that the All-Star guard is eyeing an exit from Boston next summer or that he’s angling to go to New York — as is often speculated.”

But Cowherd disputed the claims on today’s show, telling viewers: “Don’t buy it, this Kyrie Irving to the Knicks thing is real.

“He would be leaving a great franchise to a bigger city, Boston to New York – but New York is different. [James] Dolan probably getting out of the ownership business.

“This is a real story, keep your eye on it but don’t for a second tell me markets don’t matter.

“What happens is, small markets draft in some really good players. [Russell] Westbrook and Seattle had [Kevin] Durant and they moved to Oklahoma City, Indiana gets Paul George.

“Tim Duncan goes to San Antonio and they look like they’re dominating the league but in the end in an era when stars are joining each other, in an era when the NBA has never been more star-driven and mobile, and in an era when people are joining forces and moving regularly, in and out of sports, don’t tell me New York is not viable.

“Cap space next year, stars moving – they’ve already moved, watch this story on Kyrie Irving and the Knicks. It is a real thing.”

It comes after suggestions that the Knicks would also target Golden State Warriors superstar Kevin Durant next summer too.

Durant is coming off the back of another championship-winning season in the Bay Area, during which the 29-year-old pocketed his second consecutive Finals MVP.

But the 6ft 9ins superstar could become a free agent in 2019 – if he opts out of the final year of his contract.


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