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Boston Celtics news: Knicks have ‘high chance’ of Kyrie Irving signing | Other | Sport

Knicks star Kanter appeared on The Herd with Colin Cowherd this week, suggesting the franchise is on the cusp of returning to championship contention over the next couple of years.

Next summer, the Knicks are expected to be one of the major players in free agency after engineering a sizeable amount of cap space in order to compete for some of the top names on the market.

Celtics guard Irving joins the likes of Klay Thompson, Jimmy Butler, Kevin Durant, Kawhi Leonard, DeMarcus Cousins, Kevin Love and Kemba Walker as names potentially available in 2019.

And Kanter speculated that the Knicks already had a very good chance of landing two of the summer’s hottest stars.

“Everybody wants to play at MSG, or everybody wants to play good at MSG. It’s a historical gym,” he said.

“I think, I know the media are so tough on the Knicks, but I promise in a couple of years, we’re going to be the Knicks on the map again.

“[Kyrie is interested] Yes, he is. And not just him. Jimmy Butler. And you know what? Why not Kevin Durant?

“I’m going to take my shot, you never know.

“Yes [they are genuinely interested], I think so.”

The Turkish center was also asked about a report which indicated Irving and Butler had communicated over a possible move to the Knicks next summer.

And Kanter delighted Knicks fans by confirming it to be true.

“Yes [they are talking], and the Knicks have a really, really high chance of getting them in the next offseason. I believe that and I promise that I think they will,” he added.


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