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Boston Celtics

Boston Celtics athleticism will bring a lot of excitement

The Boston Celtics have athletes that will bring a lot of excitement

The Boston Celtics have done a phenomenal job of getting physically versatile players, and they have invested a lot of money and draft picks to assemble the stellar group they have right now.

The Celtics have a lot of special athletes, and they can make the Celtics the most fun team to watch in the NBA. The best part is that both Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum should be improving physically, developing strength and learning how to use their athleticism more.

The two of them alone have brought some of the most memorable dunks, and they are truly fearless. Both of them will overwhelm any matchup physically, and their ability to finish at the rim will be electrifying this season.

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They will be the most exciting, but there is a lot more. Gordon Hayward is a special athlete who will be able to do most of what they are able to do, with a much more refined overall impact. Even on defense, we will see these players being challenged as undersized players, and having to make up for it with their superior athleticism.

Brad Stevens will put these players in a position where they will need their athleticism to get an advantage. That alone will bring all kinds of highlights on both ends. Keep in mind, any time they get that turnover or block on defense, they will be running in transition, and that is where they will be most fun.

Even on the bench, Terry Rozier is one of the most electrifying athletes on this roster, and Marcus Smart has done wonders in improving his speed, while having overwhelming strength. These players will be able to do things that most athletes are not capable of.

Even beyond those two, you have an absolute bull in Semi Ojeleye and potentially unique big with Guerschon Yabsele.

The Celtics have special athletes all over this roster, and that is not even taking into account how special they can be as finishers and the immense skill they have on top of all of this.

The Celtics have put in a lot of work to get to this point, so they will make sure to get as much as possible out of the special athletes they have drafted. They will depend on it to maintain their small ball on defense, and they will absolutely devastate teams when they get any kind of advantage on offense.

The Celtics know how good the pieces they have are, and all of them should be getting better. They know they can improve and use that athleticism in better ways. Who knows what they will end up looking like this season, but the Celtics could end up being the most physically overwhelming team in the NBA this season.


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