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Boston Celtics

An early look to the playoffs

A quick and early look at what the playoffs may look like this coming season

Although it’s only the summer yet, it’s never too early to look at what next season’s playoff picture.

First here’s what I see the Eastern and Western Coference shaping out to be:

1. Celtics

2. Raptors

3. Bucks

4. Sixers

5. Pacers

6. Magic

7. Wizards

8. Pistons


1. Warriors

2. Rockets

3. Jazz

4. Blazers

5. Thunder

6. Lakers

7. Pelicans

8. Spurs

Fringe contenders for each conference-Timberwolves, Heat, Nuggets, Suns

In the East, there’s not much that’ll be close other than the race for the top 3. The Boston Celtics, Toronto Raptors, Milwaukee Bucks and Philadelphia 76ers will be jockeying for the top but a fully healthy Celtics team should be able to take the top of the East, granted the conference finals should be as entertaining as we’ve seen for a while.

The West should be an interesting race . Although the Golden State Warriors should be topping the West, it’s anyone’s guess how they’ll look once DeMarcus Cousins is healthy and in the fold. The bottom half of the conference should play out to be interesting. We shall see how the Spurs look with no Tony Parker in the mix and DeMar DeRozan the new guy in town. And a team that could be making a play could very well be the Suns. The Suns have a talented young core and a bright future.

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What happens in the postseason:


The playoffs for the Eastern Conference teams should be interesting to watch. We all witnessed a special run by the Celtics last year while injury ridden, but a fully healthy squad should make quick work of the first round. Who will the Celtics face in the conference finals? I think it will end up being the Raptors, that is if Kawhi Leonard is healthy and 100%. This will be a hard fought series but the Celtics should win 4-2.


The West shall see another interesting race. Especially with a new look Thunder and with Carmelo Anthony reportedly bound for the Rockets, the race should turn quite intensely. The Warriors should cruise to the conference finals but who will meet them there? I think it will be the Rockets but the Warriors will cruise 4-1.

The Finals-

The Warriors best matchup in the league will be the Boston Celtics and they will be destined to meet in the finals. This series will go 7 games, but the Warriors will make it a 3-peat.


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